winencheeseWine Tasting

For $3.00, you get a sample of eight of our wines.

Sorry, but we are unable to offer wine tastings during live music events. See our Food Menu below.

You can also find our wines for sale at Riesbeck’s Food Markets stores located in Barnesville, Bridgeport, Cambridge, Saint Clairsville, and Wintersville. Wine selection varies by store.

Red Wines

  • Ohio Cabernet Franc ($17.95) – A young, dry red table wine with a fiery finish, made with 100% Cabernet Franc grapes grown right here at Black Sheep Vineyard.
  • Dark Continent ($17.99) – A dry red made with our own Foch grapes. Finally BACK after a long absence!
  • Hair of the Dog ($12.95) – As the saying goes, nothing’s better for what ails ya than the hair of the dog that bit ya. This is an unassuming, neutral red table wine, not too sweet and not too dry, made with a blend of Ohio-grown DeChaunac and Frontenac grapes. No dogs were harmed in its making!
  • Reffett Red ($11.95) – Blitzen his sweet red table wine is a favorite of our customers! Made from Ohio-grown Concord grapes, it has a classic Concord nose and a finish on the low end of sweet. Named in honor of Becky’s mom and her family, the Illinois Reffetts.
  • Blitzen ($10.95) – Last year, a blend was made while sitting at a table late one night. It reminded us of winter! We had the idea of making this wine for the 2012 Christmas season. We took a blackberry wine we had made out of West Virginia blackberries and blended it with our Cabernet Franc and Dark Continent. This unique semi-dry blend is perfect for a cold winter night. It is bottled in half bottles. Great for gift-giving or sharing with your loved one on Christmas Eve! We enjoy it room temperature but it can be chilled or warmed.

White Wines

  • Leighton ($12.95) – A blend of three Ohio white wines married with a bit of American White Oak. A nice crisp dry white wine; named after Becky’s dad.
  • Ohio Riesling ($13.95) – A semi-dry white table wine with a green apple flavor and a nice finish.
  • Ohio Traminette ($11.95)sunset-bottle-loresA semi-dry white table wine with Traminette spicyness and aroma, made from Traminette grapes grown here at Black sheep Vineyard.
  • Wild Mustang White ($11.95) – A white table wine made with Ohio-grown Niagara grapes, which give it a fresh grape aroma, pleasant taste, and a sweet finish. Named for our own wild mustang, Sandstorm.
  • Sunset ($13.95) – A sweet Vidal with a touch of Foch for color. This sweet wine has hints of peach and apricot. Many amazing sunsets have been enjoyed on our winery deck with friends and customers, so it just seemed right to name this wine Sunset!
  • Ohio Chardonel ($13.95) – The Chardonel grape’s parents are Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc.  This white wine has characteristics of both parents.  When served off the shelf Chardonel seems to take on Chardonnay characteristics and when chilled tastes more like a Seyval Blanc.  The current bottling is semi dry and has become a big hit with white wine lovers.

Rosé Wines

  • Bonnie ($11.95) – A rosé table wine made from Ohio-grown Pink Catawba grapes. It is named for John’s mom Bonnie, and although it’s our sweetest wine, it’s not half as sweet as she was.

Buy a case of wine (12 bottles) and get 10% off!


If you can’t make it out to visit us, please call us at (740) 546-3741 to place an order and make arrangements for us to ship our wine to you! Unfortunately, we cannot ship out-of-state, but we will gladly ship our wine anywhere within Ohio.

Food Menu

We offer a bread, cheese, and fruit plate for $9.00. Price and selection varies; please ask!

We also offer Summer Sausage and cheese varieties from Pearl Valley Cheese.

For more snacking, the wildly popular Whiskey Stix come in two sizes of bags.