Vineyard Update – May 2010

As I walked through the North vineyard today I took notice of the grapes growing there. The Niagara grapes are experiencing their third spring. They look happy and well but aren’t loaded with grapes which is a good and bad thing as far as I can tell. Good in that we won’t have to worry they will be stressing themselves with too many grapes, bad in that the reason for this is probably frost this year and stress from last year’s June hail storm and the cold winter of 2008.

The Frontenac in this vineyard look super! Finally they have decided to show their stuff and look very healthy and are loaded with grapes! We will have to thin down the crop but that is a nice job for us. Now, if we can survive without a hail storm and a late frost, we can try out our wine- making skills with a nice large crop of Frontenac. We are very excited about this possibility. We had a chance to try a wonderful Frontenac wine from the southern Illinois region. We know our customers would love this wine and hope to try and make something similar.

The third grape in this vineyard is the Traminette. They really didn’t appreciate the weather problems we had and decided to either die or be stressed. We planted some new plants in this area to replace the dead ones. You may notice this when you look at the North vineyard from our deck.

In the west vineyard the main varieties are Foch and DeChaunac. They are happy and well. The newer grape plants look like they will give us a great crop this year. I had to smile to think of the possibilities of new Hair of the Dog wine in the future from these two wonderful French Hybrids. I encourage you to walk the vineyards during this new season. It is truly relaxing to look at these tiny bundles of grapes and think of their potential!

Hope to see you in the grapes!


P.S. I will be reporting on the East vineyard soon; stay tuned to!!!

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