New to our retail wagon: Mountain Roaster coffee

We now have an expanded selection of gourmet coffee for purchase at the vineyard, to go along with your Black Sheep coffee mugs!

Mountain Roaster is based in Buckhannon, West Virginia, and is owned by Gene and Sarah Wells, who are both Master Roasters.  Sarah delivered this fresh batch to us, and we are excited to offer it for sale to you!  The varieties they roasted for us are the following:

  • Ethiopia-Yergacheffe – Cupping notes:  Winery, starfruit, grapefruit acidity, tropical fruit, clean, creamy body.  Sold in 1-pound bags of whole bean for $12.99.
  • Brazil Pea berry – Cupping notes: Unique sweetness and nuttiness.  Sold in 1-pound bags of whole bean for $12.99.
  • Guatemalan – Cupping notes: Chocolate, dry acidity, light body, floral.  Sold in 1-pound bags of whole bean for $12.99.
  • Hair of the Dog – Espresso Roast blend of Kenya, Burndi, and Ethiopia Yergacheffee.  A long night can be a great morning! Sold in 1-pound bags of whole bean for $12.99.
  • Flavored coffee in 8-ounce bags of ground: Hazelnut, Black Mountain Grogg, Caramel Creek, Chocolate Mist, Vanilla Bean. $7.25 each.
Stop by and pick up a bag of fresh roasted coffee from the Heart of West Virginia!

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