New Wines

We are pleased to introduce two new wines for the 2012 holiday season! Available now!

BlitzenBlitzen – Last year, a blend was made while sitting at a table late one night. It reminded us of winter! We had the idea of making this wine for the 2012 Christmas season. We took a blackberry wine we had made out of West Virginia blackberries and blended it with our Cabernet Franc and Dark Continent. This unique semi-dry blend is perfect for a cold winter night. It is bottled in half bottles. Great for gift-giving or sharing with your loved one on Christmas Eve! We enjoy it room temperature but it can be chilled or warmed.

$10.95 per half-bottle





sunset-bottle-loresSunset – A sweet Vidal with a touch of Foch for color. This sweet wine has hints of peach and apricot. Many amazing sunsets have been enjoyed on our winery deck with friends and customers, so it just seemed right to name this wine Sunset!

$13.95 per bottle