All produced right here in our cellars.

Red Wines

  • Cabernet Franc ($17.99) – A dry red wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes and aged in American Oak barrels. Lighter in color and tannins but big in spicy aromas and peppery flavor.
  • Vivian ($17.99) – A dry red wine made from Frontenac grapes and aged in stainless steel followed by 60 days in Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. Finished dry.
  • Dark Continent ($17.99) – A dark dry red wine made from Marechal Foch grapes. Aged in American Oak barrels, this has a smoky earthy note.
  • Hair of the Dog ($13.95) – A semi-sweet red blend from Frontenac and other French hybrid grapes aged in American oak. Earthy, smoky with berry flavor.
  • Reffett Red ($13.95) – A sweet red wine made from Concord grapes.

White Wines

  • Leighton ($13.95) – A dry white wine made with Seyval Blanc grapes. Crisp and tart.
  • Ohio Chardonel ($13.95) – A semi-dry wine finished in American Oak barrels. Parents are Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc. Smooth light oak finish.
  • Riesling ($14.95) – A semi-sweet white wine, aromatic and deliciously refreshing.
  • Sunset ($13.95) – A sweet wine blush made from Vidal Blanc grapes with a splash of Concord.
  • Wild Mustang White ($13.95) – A sweet white wine made from Niagara grapes with a fresh grape flavor.

Rosé Wine

  • Bonnie ($13.95) – A sweet Catawba that is a customer favorite!

Fruit Wine

  • Blitzen ($17.99) – This fruit wine is made with 100% Ohio blackberries! Finished sweet, this delicious drink is bursting with flavor – think blackberry cobbler! Seasonal.

Buy a case of wine (12 bottles) here at the Vineyard and get 10% off!

Wine Tastings

For $3.00, you get a sample of eight of our wines. Sorry, but we are unable to offer wine tastings during live music events. See our Food Menu below.

Please note: It is against Ohio State Law to bring outside alcohol onto our premises.

If you can’t make it out to visit us

Please call us at (740) 546-3741 to place an order and make arrangements for us to ship our wine to you! Unfortunately, we cannot ship out-of-state, but we will gladly ship our wine anywhere within Ohio for a $20.00 fee.

We offer FREE delivery within a 30-mile radius of our location (in Ohio only); two-bottle minimum. Call us to make arrangements.

In addition to here at the Vineyard, you can also find our wines for sale at Riesbeck’s Food Markets stores located in Barnesville, Bridgeport, Cambridge, and Saint Clairsville. Wine selection varies by store; the Saint Clairsville store stocks all varieties except Blitzen. You can also find us at the Colerain IGA, Just Jac’s in Bridgeport, Hometown Carryout in Cadiz, and several other carryouts in the area. Most have all of our sweet wines, and some have our semi-sweet wines as well.