winencheeseWine Tasting

For $3.00, you get a sample of eight of our wines.

Sorry, but we are unable to offer wine tastings during live music events. See our Food Menu below.

You can also find our wines for sale at Riesbeck’s Food Markets stores located in Barnesville, Bridgeport, Cambridge, Saint Clairsville, and Wintersville. Wine selection varies by store.

Red Wines

  • Dark Continent ($17.99) – A DRY red made from Foch grapes and aged in American Oak barrels. Earthy soft mouth feel. Enjoy with beef, pasta with red sauce, and bleu cheese. Enjoy at room temperature.
  • Ohio Cabernet Franc ($17.99) – A DRY red wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes and aged in American Oak barrels. Lighter in color and tannins but big in spicy aromas and peppery flavor. Pairs well with pasta with red sauce, beef, spicy foods, lamb, bleu and gorgonzola cheeses, and chocolate. Enjoy at room temperature.
  • Hair of the Dog ($12.95) – A red blend from Frontenac and Foch grapes finished SEMI SWEET. Early oak taste with berry flavors. Pairs well with beef, spicy foods, and bleu cheese. Serve at room temperature.
  • Reffett Red ($11.95) – Blitzen A SWEET wine made from Concord grapes. Pair with Colby cheese and chocolate. Named in honor of Becky’s mom and her family, the Illinois Reffetts.

White Wines

  • Leighton ($12.95) – Seyval Blanc grapes finished DRY. Crisp and tart, this dry white is a pleasant match with pasta with white sauce, seafood, and asiago cheese. Enjoy chilled.
  • Ohio Chardonel ($13.95) – Chardonel was developed from Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc. Finished SEMI DRY, this crisp white wine can be enjoyed off the shelf or chilled. Pair with pork, poultry, brie cheese, and pasta.
  • Ohio Traminette ($12.95)sunset-bottle-loresA SEMI DRY fragrant, spicy white with citurs notes. Enjoy chilled. Pairs well with spicy foods, Asian dishes, parmesan and hot pepper cheeses.
  • Ohio Riesling ($14.95) – A SEMI SWEET white wine. Pairs well with poultry, pasta with white sauce, fish, pork, and cheddar cheese. Enjoy chilled.
  • Wild Mustang White ($11.95) – A SWEET white wine from Niagara grapes. Tastes like fresh grapes!

Blush Wine

  • Sunset ($13.95) – A SWEET wine made from Vidal Blanc grapes. A touch of Concord for color. Enjoy chilled

Rosé Wine

  • Bonnie ($11.95) – Our SWEETEST wine made from Catawba grapes. Pair with turkey, salads, and chicken. Enjoy chilled.

Buy a case of wine (12 bottles) and get 10% off!


If you can’t make it out to visit us, please call us at (740) 546-3741 to place an order and make arrangements for us to ship our wine to you! Unfortunately, we cannot ship out-of-state, but we will gladly ship our wine anywhere within Ohio.

Food Menu

We offer a bread, cheese, and fruit plate for $9.00. Price and selection varies; please ask!

We also offer Summer Sausage and cheese varieties from Pearl Valley Cheese.

For more snacking, the wildly popular Whiskey Stix come in two sizes of bags.